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William A. Bouguereau

January 21-25, 2020

Level 4, Myer Centre, South Australia

$1100 (inc GST) 

Join Robin Eley and Ellie Kammer  in this exclusive opportunity to learn the methods of and study directly from William A. Bouguereau’s masterpiece “Virgin and Child”. 


In this 5 day workshop students will complete master copies in oil of Virgin and Child. With a focus on Bouguereau’s use of color and value, Robin Eley will lead the class with demonstrations and lectures, followed by studio time.

With the original painting hanging nearby the Art Academy, we have arranged special access enabling students to complete charcoal studies in small groups of Bouguereau’s masterful draftsmanship with renowned artist Ellie Kammer.


The Art Academy’s Master Copy courses have been created to give students both an insight into the creative process of the master artist and to provide a contemporary touchstone for why this artist’s work resonates and influences today.For art lovers all over Virgin and Child is a painting worth the journey, for art makers Bouguereau looms as a powerful influence in the contemporary realist movement. We invite you to join us in January to discover both how and why.

For complete course information download the MCW Handbook


Robin Eley

January 16-20, 2020

Level 4, Myer Centre, South Australia

$1320 (inc GST) 

The Oil Painting Workshop is a comprehensive introduction to the foundations of oil painting. Conducted over 5 days and developed in collaboration with this years featured artist, Robin Eley, the workshop will cover everything from materials, to how to begin a painting and the key steps to a successful result.


All students will have a front row seat to proceedings as they are introduced to the fundamentals of painting via a series of multimedia presentations and demonstrations, conducted live on stage backed by a huge projection screen, multiple flat screens and a full time camera and sound crew.


Students will then have the opportunity to apply these lessons in a series of painting exercises, eventually leading to working on their own painting. These vibrant studio sessions will once again be a unique and interactive experience as students will have the opportunity to look up from their easel to watch Robin on stage working on his own painting. In addition Robin will work regularly with each individual student, assisting them with their painting.

For complete course information download the OPW Handbook.




Robin Eley

9am-6pm, January 18, 2020

Level 4, Myer Centre, South Australia

$220 (inc GST)


Day 3 of the Oil Painting Workshop is a full day portrait demonstration with Robin Eley. For the first time we are opening up this day for those unable to attend the full five day course. Attendees will watch Robin complete a full colour portrait from start to finish through an  unmatched viewing experience. Robin's painting will be projected onto a massive screen, while his palette will be viewable at all times on a series of flat screen TV's. In addition, Robin will be constantly verbalising his thought process while wearing a wireless microphone. Attendees will be invited to ask questions throughout the demonstration. Seating is limited


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